Vanessa Veasley was born and raised on the Main Line of Philadelphia, PA. She is daughter of world-renowned jazz bassist Gerald Veasley. She moved to Atlanta to attend Clark Atlanta University when she was 17 years old. In Atlanta she interviewed with the top modeling agencies and was told she had a great look, but needed to slim down her curves to book work as a fashion model. One day, she was introduced to Bryan Barber(Director: Idlewild) he put her with a casting agency, and the following week, she booked her first two music videos, “Trans DF Express” and “Welcome to Atlanta” where she had a speaking part. She instantly fell in love with the hip-hop side of the modeling world. A place where curves and ethnic looks are celebrated. From there, Vanessa has worked alongside of every major rapper and hip-hop group. She has also graced the pages of the following magazines: Stuff, Lowrider Girls, King, XXL, Source, SHOW, Smooth, Smooth Girl, Hip-Hop Weekly, Urban Ink, SHOWCase and more. With four magazine covers to date. Vanessa is also the co-host of a radio show called The Candy Shop. A show that covers topics within the urban entertainment industry such as music, fashion, and gossip. While best known as an urban model, Vanessa Veasley has a very diverse fan base due to her work with various mainstream publications/companies like Best Damn Sports Show Period, Seventeen, Stuff, Hawaiian Tropic, Hooters, DUB and her placement on websites like Vanessa Veasley is also a self proclaimed nerd. She is a sci-fi geek, and lover of comic books, anime, and 80’s pop culture memorabilia.